The Melting Words

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The Melting Words

Chapter 1
(238 customer reviews)
The Melting Words Chapter 1 is a handpicked collection of 300 original pieces of writings by Rahul Kaushik, the founder and sole writer at your beloved Facebook and Instagram page @TheMeltingWords with more than 2.4 million (24 Lakh) wonderful followers (reader friends) in just 3 years. As on his page, the book paints all the emotions possible in his signature style of simple words but deep meaning. So get ready to smile, cry, laugh, blush, and shiver with just one book.
The book includes his original poetries, quotes, micro tales, letters, short stories, and articles that were written in the year 2016. So, everything will hit you like a fresh breeze of emotions. The book has original doodle artwork on each page with every piece of writing, adding complementary imagery to the wordplay. The artwork is done by his sister Garima Kaushik, a gifted artist.
Paperback or Ebook?
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Ebook (PDF) will be delivered to you on email. You can read the Ebook on your mobile, tablet, or computer on apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Kindle, and many more across Windows, Android and iOS platforms.
Paperback will be delivered within India through Delhivery Courier company. For international shipping, you will receive the shipping information on email.
Paperback: 324 pages.
Size: 21 cm in length and 13.5 cm in breadth.
Weight: 350 Grams.
Language: English.
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238 reviews for The Melting Words


    Impressed by your writings

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    U just pour out real feeling from inside….each of ur writings perfectly explains heart felt thoughts of individuals….

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    I loved his writing, his every quote has deep meaning & get touched… Some of his quote felt like it so me & yahhh that’s mixup feelings, no words actually. Lods of luv❤️keep writing!!

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    Love your writing always Sir. Honestly speaking, those pieces of microtales, articles are the ones that helped me survive my first heartbreak. And now these are the ones through which I am celebrating love again. All thanks to you Sir..

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  50. Jayita Pradhan


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    The best thing about your writting is you show the each side of the emotion which i like the most💟 aur apke hastags jo apke personal profile p h😅😅they are soo cute😻😻sir mai bhut bdi chatterbox hu🙈🙈apko pta we share the same birthday😆😆birthday twins😍 and thats addeded one more speciality about you in my ❤…i ususally send your qoutes to my frnds which are related to their perspective,and they always say” yr kya bnda h😄kya to likhta h,yesa lgta h mene khud apne bare m likh diya😂😂sir you show the emotion we ourselves cant express in word😘😘love ur writting and love u a lot sir😍😍😍😍mai apki bhut bdi fan/ac sb hu🙈
    Ab kaam ki baat 😂😂😂 sir apki book kb tk aayegi😉intezaar ni ho rha😂😂aur book as paperwork h chahiye jisko prized possession ki trh rkh ske aur sbko showoff kr ske😄😄 and i am from Bhopal…and sit plz come to bhopal soon… and lots of strength aut happiness from this cute chubby😸fan of yours…and foodies for life😄😄😄😄

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    I am one of the active follower of you.
    I read your posts and I am interested in having a poet or a writer like you.
    Really , your book is very nice and you have a nice sense of arranging words in an effective manner. That’s the point I like so much.
    Congratulations for your first book ‘ The melting words ‘ .
    Hope you bring more like this one to us.

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    And, i should mention one thing. Because of you, i started writing on insta too… 🙋🙋

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  205. Ashmita Kaintura

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  229. Akansha shukla

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